Generator/alternator/fan belt Bosch 3PK 635

Aircon compressor belt Bosch 11A0725

Oil filter Z436 or AC 021

Spark plugs Bosch R6 485 super 4

beat will use NGK spark plugs as standard, BKR6E-11

honda Jazz model, its the same oil filter

union japan oil filers the code is C-560

Timming belt Part No. : 06141-P36-306

Timing belt 06141P36306

Cylinder distinction sensor exchange 37841PZ2014

Idler exchange 14520PZ1004

[tenshiyona] exchange 14510PFB003

A.C belt exchange 31110P36013

Compressor belt exchange 38920P36003

Head cover gasket exchange 12341PN4020

Head cover plug gasket exchange 12342PN4000

Head cover washer 90441P64000

[maundeinguraba] 90541PN4010

Water pump 19200P36000

Water temperature sensor converter exchange 37810P36003

Rear hub bearing 42210SS1000

Front hub bearing & front 44300SB2038

Drive shaft boots set inboard 44017SN4003

Drive shaft boots set outboard 42018ST6J01

Brake master cylinder OH 01462SR3000

F caliber OH 01463SC2000

R carry per OH 01473SV4000

Front weatherstrip exchange 72380SS1003

Water inlet hose A 79721SS1000

Front water outlet hose 79726SS1000

Expansion upper hose 19104P36000

Expansion lower hose 19105P36000

Water hose B 19521P36000

Water hose C 19522P36000

Compressor clutch set 38900P36014

Field coil set 38924PJ7S01

Cylinder head gasket exchange 06110P36020

Oil seal 27439 exchange 91203PFB013

O ring 312.5 exchange 91301PJ7000

O ring 37.73.5 exchange 91305PN4003

Air cleaner 17220-P36-010 or H1722-P36-010

Gasket A throttle body 16176P36000

Gasket B throttle body 16177P36000

Gasket exhaust pipe 18212671003

Gasket flexible exhaust 18229SS1000

O ring 37.73.5 91305PN4003

Seal A valve stem 12210PZ1003

Seal B valve stem 12211PZ1003

Pin knock 1420 9430114200

Rubber E seal 11837PZ3010

Rubber G seal 11839PZ3010

[tenshiyona] COMP timing belt 14510PZ1003

Spring COMP timing belt 14516PZ1000

Idler timing belt 14520PZ1003

Belt catch timing 06141P36305

Rubber A seal 11832PN4010

Rubber C seal 11834PZ1000

Rubber F seal 11838PZ3010

Rubber B seal 11833PZ3000

Camshaft COMP 14110P36000

Sensor COMP cylinder 37841PZ2004

Arm A intake rocker 14621PZ4000

Arm B intake rocker 14622PN4000

Arm exhaust rocker 14623PN4000

Spring A val blocker arm 14645PN4003

Spring B val blocker arm? 14646PN4003

Washer wave 14647P36000

Valve in lead-lead 14711P36000

Valve exhaust 14721P36000

Screw tappet adjusting 14744PM3000

Spring inlet valve 14761P36003

Spring exhaust valve 14762P36003

Retainer valve spring 14765PJ7000

Seat valve spring 14775PM3000

Cotter valve 14781PJ7003

Nut tappet adjusting 90206PM3004

Gasket oil strainer 15221PZ1000

O ring 252.4 91307PE0010

Pump ASSY oil 15100PZ1000

Cover ASSY R side 11300PZ1000

Orifice ASSY oil pass 15140PZ1000

Washer draining plug 12mm 9410912000

Pin knock 1822 90703PE0000

Pin knock 1218 90703PN3000

Pin knock 1220 9430112200

Pump COMP water 19200P36000

O ring thermostat 19322P36000

O ring 253.8 91314PN4000

O ring 16.63.8 91315PN4000

Pin knock 1016 9430110160

Ring set piston 13011P36003

Bearing A connecting rod 13211P36003

Pulley timing belt drive 13621PZ1003

Plate timing belt guide 13622PZ1000

Key 4.511.0 90704634000

Washer set thrust 13014P64800

Bearing A main 13321P36003

Piston 13101P36000

Pin piston 13112PZ1000

Rod COMP connecting 13210P36000

Crankshaft 13311PZ3000

Volt/bolt washer 1226 90017PZ1004

Gasket kit cylinder head 06110P36000

Washer sub frame mounting 50232SP0000

Rubber engine rear insulator 50810SS1000

Insulator transmission 50815SF1980

Rubber engine side mount 50820SS1010

Insulator A torque rod 50834SA0010

Insulator B torque rod 50836SD4000

Belt compressor 38920P36003

Belt AC generator 31110P36003

Disk COMP friction 22200P36000

Disk COMP pressure 22300P36000

Volt/bolt flange 618 960010601800

Bearing clutch release 22810P7005