RIP Blue Beat thanks to the hit and run excel. 24/02/2013




My new Beat as I bought it, before new wheels, suspension, roof etc.



My toys




I have created this site because I had problems finding information about my beat and wanted to share what I know with other beat owners.


I purchased my first Beat early 2007 then the red one in May 2010 and found little info available, let alone in Australia.


Anyone with useful info please Email me and I will include it here.
info AT


If you know a good mechanic who understands the Beat please advise me, I will list the details here.


I have a supplier of genuine parts, please contact me, I will put you in contact.


I donít claim ownership of information on this site, nor do I guarantee the accuracy of anything here.



Some useful links:-


Trouble Shooting - Engine Light - ECU


FM radio modification


Radio Repairs


Setting Ignition Timing


Adjusting Valves


Parts list


Beat History




Photo Album


Complete parts list and service manual (Japanese) Large file but plenty of pictures